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SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor

Being a daughter of immigrants, I have learned how to make something out of nothing...fast.


I’ve been building brands online for nearly 20 years, leading global digital and growth marketing at top high-tech billion-dollar software companies like Autodesk, Workday, and InVision, bringing over $300M in sales.

♕ I’m the Founder of Women in Growth, a community of women in startups looking for growth support.

Brands I Have Worked With:

Who am I, anyway?

I'm a Silicon Valley girl-coder (from the 80s) turned entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, consumer behavior psychology nerd, growth hacker, investor, homeschooling mom, milspouse, and female empowerer. 


I get excited about a lot of things, but I get SUPER excited about clever marketing strategies, beautiful websites, building a sustainable biodynamic urban garden in my backyard, playing boardgames with friends (they call me "Monica"), and amazing ladies doing brave things.


Growth Consultant

Need strategy to grow and scale your startup or business? Let's talk about your growth strategy and get you on the right track to grow.

Web Psychologist

With deep knowledge in consumer behavioral psychology, coupled with UI/UX testing, let's make sure your website is converting.

Career Coach

With a non-traditional background in independent contributor roles, let's talk about how you can grow into leadership positions quickly.

Real Estate Investor

As a real estate agent from 2006, my passion for real estate investing has only grown. Let's talk about how you can build wealth with RE.

Where have you seen me?

I have been featured in Forbes, Women 2.0, ClearBit, and am a keynote speaker at conferences like GrowthHackers, SaaStock, and Tech Intersections, or even teaching workshops at Google HQ.


There's a good chance you'll find me speaking about one of these topics at any given time:

  • Why She Buys: Purchasing Behavior Offline and Online, Habits, and Motivations (Speaking Session & Workshop)
  • Optimizing For Happiness: Home, Health, Relationships, Business
  • StorySelling: How to Use Your Story to Sell Above The Competition
  • How To Build A Home Business: Work Remotely and Create the Work/Life Balance You Want


My (Featured) Musings.


Working at an agency, there’s a constant shuffle between client accounts. During my time on the Workday account, I was fortunate enough to meet Sophia, an incredibly intelligent and strategic growth marketer as well as a down-to-earth, genuine and personable mentor.​

Erika Peterson


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sophia many times. After working together on numerous marketing video projects, I've learned many things from her. Sophia is a marketing guru and is very results-driven, but at the same time carries authenticity.​

Jingo Olaes


Sophia is one of the most driven and down to earth people I've met in growth. Our weekly brainstorming and accountability calls make me much more productive and give me confidence to take risks. If you're trying to level-up your growth strategy, speaking career, or other life goals, Sophia is someone that will stick by your side and make sure you get to where you want to go. ​

Dani Hart


Sophia recognized in rapid fashion where the marketing challenges were. She has excellent startup instincts!

Garrett Blythe


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